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Our Vision

The reason to open this webpage is to share with all of you our passion and knowledge of plants, nature, and health.


The topics vary between plant cultivation, harvesting, post-harvesting procedures/possibilities, food ingredients, benefits for health and environment.

Who we are ?



I have graduated in Gardening and Landscape Design and achieved a Master's degree in Horticulture with specialization in Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Production. I started my early carrier with the plants since I was just a small girl while spending warm summer days in forest picking blueberries, growing a few rows of broad-leaved docks and collecting herbs and wildflowers from the meadows. Probably, those were the signs and the main reasons to pursue my carrier with the plants and the improvement of the surrounding environment, where I can spread the beauty and joy with the help of beneficial to health, colorful and impressive shapes.


I am a researcher interested in biochemicals derived from natural sources. My story began with being interested in the colors of nature and the curiosity of the small molecules that are dying our amazing nature. I have turned this excitement to my profession and started to investigate them more. I have found the colors are not only displaying a charming view, but they have important roles in human nutrition and plant defense itself. We decided to share our knowledge based on scientific and practical researches.

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